Top five rabindranath tagore poems 

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Top five rabindranath tagore poems 

when you cry must read Rabindranath Tagore poem. Rabindranath Tagore was a poet-philosopher who inspired a whole generation through his writings.

5 Rabindranath Tagore Poems that Make Him the Master of Our Hearts

Rabindranath Tagore Poem #1

If you cry
because the sun has gone
out of your life,
your tears will prevent you
from seeing the stars.


Rabindranath Tagore Poem #2

Sing the song of the moment in careless carols, in the transient light of the day;

Sing of the fleeting smiles that vanish and never look back;

Sing of the flowers that bloom and fade without regret.

Weave not in memory’s thread the days that would glide into nights.

To the guests that must go bid God-speed, and wipe away all traces of their steps.

Let the moments end in moments with their cargo of fugitive songs.

With both hands snap the fetters you made with your own heart chords;

Take to your breast with a smile what is easy and simple and near.

Today is the festival of phantoms that know not when they die.

Let your laughter flush in meaningless mirth like twinkles of light on the ripples;

Let your life lightly dance on the verge of Time like a dew on the tip of a leaf.

Strike in the chords of your harp the fitful murmurs of moments.

Rabindranath Tagore poem photos

Rabindranath Tagore poem #3

Song Offerings

Song offerings

Rabindranath Tagore poem #4

Rabindranath Tagore poems on love

Let Me Not Forget

If it is not my portion to meet thee in this lifetthenlet me ever feel that I have missed thy sightlet me not forget for a moment,

let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams

and in my wakeful hours.

As my days pass in the crowded market of this world

and my hands grow full with the daily profits,

let me ever feel that I have gained nothing

let me not forget for a moment,

let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams

and in my wakeful hours.

When I sit by the roadside, tired and panting,

when I spread my bed low in the dust,

let me ever feel that the long journey is still before me

let me not forget a moment,

let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams

and in my wakeful hours.

When my rooms have been decked out and the flutes sound

and the laughter there is loud,

let me ever feel that I have not invited thee to my house

let me not forget for a moment,

let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams

and in my wakeful hours.

Rabindranath Tagore poem on love

Rabindranath Tagore poem #5

Lost star

When the creation was new and all the stars shone in their first 

splendor, the gods held their assembly in the sky and sang 

`Oh, the picture of perfection! the joy unalloyed!’ 

But one cried of a sudden 

—`It seems that somewhere there is a break in the chain of light 

and one of the stars has been lost.’ 

The golden string of their harp snapped, 

their song stopped, and they cried in dismay 

—`Yes, that lost star was the best, 

she was the glory of all heavens!’ 

From that day the search is unceasing for her, 

and the cry goes on from one to the other 

that in her the world has lost its one joy! 

Only in the deepest silence of night the stars smile 

and whisper among themselves 

—`Vain is this seeking! unbroken perfection is over all!’

Rabindranath Tagore poem lost star

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